Charli Kerns

Charli Kerns

Charli is the online editor for Canoe & Kayak magazine. Her boating career started with kayaking in the Appalachian mountains of east Tennessee. She picked up canoeing in New England where she got her master's in science journalism. She has since switched mainly to whitewater canoeing and multi-day adventures though picks up the play boat and creeker from time to time.

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From the Vault: Whitewater Parks

11.25.2013 //

In the May 2008 issue, contributor Eugene Buchanan found that though the courses at whitewater parks are artificial, the beatdowns are still very real.

Fight for the Chattahoochee River

11.22.2013 //

Who owns water? Two brothers paddled the Chattahoochee-Flint-Apalachicola Rivers last March and made a film about what the watershed means for improving water use policy in the U.S.

Fight for the Chattahoochee River, Page 2

11.22.2013 //

After our baptism at Smith Island Rapid we don’t cowboy anymore shoals. Our boat, the same old Wenonah camp canoe I’d paddled in 2009, its thwart now rotted out, carries the two of us, all of our camera gear and equipment, for 30 days with barely four inches of freeboard to spare. We are not […]

Fight for the Chattahoochee River, Page 4

11.22.2013 //

The Lower Flint River flows atop a Swiss-cheese geology of porous limestone filled with layers of ancient aquifers. The murky sapphire water of the Floridian aquifer, which provides water to the state’s panhandle, emerges from the lowland forest throughout the Lower Flint. When I spotted a stream of blue water dissolving into the Flint’s brown […]

Fight for the Chattahoochee River, Page 5

11.22.2013 //

We land on the broad, deserted white beach of St. Vincent Island under blue skies and popcorn clouds. There’s not much to say; Michael and my combined and separate journeys are best left in our own heads for now. We toast each other with cheap whiskey and run into the Gulf of Mexico, letting the […]

Fight for the Chattahoochee River, Page 3

11.22.2013 //

On the first day, I pick my way down the wide, shallow, moss-carpeted rocks of Flat Shoals. On Day Two, I squeeze down the cracks of a dozen unnamed ledges that cut like hardened scars through the time-softened canyon of Sprewell Bluff. I’m lucky. Recent rains have lifted the flow above the sharp rocks. For […]

Winter Kayaking: Upper Arkansas River, Colorado

11.21.2013 //

Upper Arkansas River, Colorado Colorado’s Upper Arkansas River Valley is mostly ranch and farm land, largely undeveloped, and bookended on the west by the magnificent Sawatch Range with 15 summits rising to 14,000 feet or higher, and the Mosquito Range to the east, which boast several 13,000-foot peaks of its own. Slicing through this high […]

ICF Votes to Add Women’s Canoe to Tokyo Olympics

11.18.2013 //

The International Canoe Federation Board of Directors motioned to support the inclusion of C-1 women events in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

Whitewater Women Web Series Episode 2

11.14.2013 //

The second episode of the TiTS DEEP webisode series explores the woman behind the camera. That’s right, this is an all-woman project right down to the crew.

Exploring Bosnia by Packraft

11.07.2013 //

In this flipbook, writer Forrest McCarthy and photographer Moe Witschard explore the extraordinary rivers and troubled history of Bosnia by packraft.

December 2013

11.06.2013 //

Foreword What’s in Your Window? Photo Annual Our top contributors capture the moments that take us on a tour of, and define our sport. Put In Weird Weather Destinations Cold Weather Classics Gear Drysuits, POV cameras

The King is Crowned at Moose Fest

10.23.2013 //

The King of New York Race Series has always had a bit of rivalry between the U.S. and Canada, but never was the title at risk of going north of the border until this year.

How River Runners Helped Open the Grand

10.15.2013 //

After a 12-day hiatus, river trips began launching on the Grand Canyon on Saturday, Oct. 11, for a period of at least seven days – thanks, in part, to a gaggle of river runners, including raft and accessory maker NRS.

Gowanus Canal, Brooklyn N.Y.

10.03.2013 //

Each time he crossed the Gowanus Canal, Frank Minna, the small-time wise guy in the novel Motherless Brooklyn, quipped that it’s “the only body of water in the world that is 90 percent guns.”

Behind the Lens: Vitek Ludvik

10.02.2013 //

Czech photographer Vitek Ludvik employs DIY construction and ingenuity to create a dynamic angle.

Thoreau’s North Woods

09.19.2013 //

From Chamberlain Lake to the confluence with the St. John River, the Allagash flows nearly 100 miles through lakes, ponds, runnable Class I to III whitewater, falls and short portages, making this the quintessential seven- to 10-day Maine canoe trip.

Riding the Colorado Floods

09.12.2013 //

Washington-based paddler Will Grubb takes on one of Colorado’s flood-swollen rivers.

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