Charli Kerns

Charli Kerns

Charli is the online editor for Canoe & Kayak magazine. Her boating career started with kayaking in the Appalachian mountains of east Tennessee. She picked up canoeing in New England where she got her master's in science journalism. She has since switched mainly to whitewater canoeing and multi-day adventures though picks up the play boat and creeker from time to time.

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Daddy’s Creek Race

01.22.2013 //

For most paddlers, the creek racing world of whitewater kayaking is pretty epic. The world’s top boaters compete down steep V+ Chilean gorges in the Whitewater Grand Prix and gnarly Homestake Creek at the

Teach Me How To Spinny

01.18.2013 //

Paddling POV-filmmaker maestro Shon Bollock is back at it, testing a prototype dual-GoPro “spinny” helmet mount in this new edit with fellow NorCal kayaker Chris Korbulic.

2013 Outdoor Gadgets

01.16.2013 //

Last week, The Consumer Electronics Conference, by far the biggest technology tradeshow in the world, convened in Las Vegas, Nevada. Everything from futuristic head massagers to vibrating diet spoons debuted over the week. Of the more than 2,000 odd and interesting gadgets that companies showcased during the event, Canoe & Kayak found a couple that paired well with an outdoor lifestyle. Check out the five outdoor gizmos to look out for in the coming months.

Verlen Kruger stories “from the vault”

01.15.2013 //

Verlen Kruger. He was 58 when he left his home in Lansing, Michigan four years ago to go on a canoe trip. His life up until then had been pretty straightforward. Never again…

Cascada, Behind the Scenes

01.14.2013 //

Forge Motion Pictures and NRS have done it again. In November, paddlers Erik Boomer, Tyler Bradt, and Galen Volckhausen spent a week with the Forge team hunting waterfalls in the jungles of Veracruz, Mexico. Despite torrential rain dousing their cameras and insects feasting on their bodies, videographers Anson Fogel and Skip Armstrong came away with some of the most amazing waterfall footage yet captured. Last week Canoe & Kayak caught up with Bradt and Boomer about their behind-the-scenes experience for Cascada, and here’s what they had to say.

Waterfalls: Forbidden Fruit or Calculated Risk? 1979

01.08.2013 //

Back in the 1970′s, the idea of running waterfalls appeared to many as a reckless and self-destructive stunt of the sensation-crazed. But to those who partake of the forbidden fruit (and to those who write about it), hucking waterfalls had become the ultimate in river running.

Kicking off the New Year with a Frigid Tradition

12.31.2012 //

Today is the last day of 2012, and people across the country will be counting down the final moments with ball drops and songs of farewell to the old, hello to the new. The next day will start the New Year, and boaters and locals of the small town of Franklin, NH will be kicking off 2013 with the 32nd New Year’s Paddle down the Winnepesaukee. The festival celebrates both the New Year and the historical efforts put forth by the boaters, fishermen and Franklin citizens to revive a river and restore the community into something they could enjoy year round every year.

The True Meaning of SantaCon

12.24.2012 //

In New York City, Santa Claus has two big days a year: Christmas and SantaCon. Mindful of the impact of their growing event, this year the SantaCon organizers offered only a loose, suggested route while encouraging attendees to follow their own path around the city. Our group took this suggestion to heart and planned a 30-mile kayak circumnavigation of Manhattan Island to coincide with the event.

Solstice Special: How to boat all winter

12.21.2012 //

Today is the first day of winter, and many paddlers in colder climates have already packed away their boats for the season. That’s too bad, because with a little gear and good planning, you can boat straight through the winter while having a great time and staying safe. We caught up with four paddlers in the blustery Northeast who have the right attitude, and these tips to keep you going strong through the winter.

‘Tis the Season for Some River Reading

12.17.2012 //

One week to go before Christmas! For those still looking for paddling-related gift ideas, we’ve compiled a list of five books that will keep any boater entertained through the holiday season. From history and instruction to adventure and reflection, these books are great additions to any paddler’s reading collection.

Into the Final Stretch of the Whitewater Grand Prix

12.13.2012 //

Tomorrow, Saturday December 14, athletes will conclude the second Annual Whitewater Grand Prix with a “Big Water Enduro Race down the Rio Futaleufu in the Patagonia Region. Thirty of the world’s best extreme kayakers, including several Olympians and world record holders, gathered to test their skills against each other as well as the legendary rapids of Chile while bringing a spotlight on some of the most endangered rivers on the planet.

Hobie Crowns a World Fishing King

12.10.2012 //

Mood took on 41 other competitors assembled from Hobie’s far-flung pro staff network to become winner of the second annual Hobie Fishing World Championship, the first held on U.S. shores. They came for a not-so-traditional Texas fishing throw down centered on an American angling obsession, the largemouth bass.

Racing Through Stage 1

12.04.2012 //

The athletes kicked off the second annual Whitewater Grand Prix race yesterday with the first whitewater enduro stage on the Rio Gol Gol. They raced against the clock on a nearly one mile-long stretch of class V whitewater, navigating not only extremely technical rapids, but also several 15-20 foot waterfalls.

Whitewater Grand Prix II : Set in Chile

11.29.2012 //

This Saturday, Dec. 1, 30 kayakers from around the world will race in five stages over 14 days in the second annual Whitewater Grand Prix in Osorno, Chile. Set in some of the country’s steepest creeks and biggest whitewater, the Whitewater Grand Prix is considered the world’s most extreme whitewater competition where the best boaters can push the very limits of kayaking itself.

College Fishing is in Session

11.27.2012 //

Drew Gregory brings the Final Four to kayak fishing by introducing a progressive collegiate kayak angling series this spring.

Pacific Paddle Surfing Series Standings

11.26.2012 //

Jim Grossman currently leads in the standings of the Pacific Paddle Surfing Series, which takes the highest 3 scores out of 5. As the last in the Series, Santa Cruz is going to play a huge part in determining the overall winner.

Subscribe to C&K for only $1.99

11.26.2012 //

  A full year’s subscription to Canoe & Kayak‘s digital edition is only $1.99 at the Apple Newsstand. The sale ends Tuesday November 27, so act now to save $10 off the regular subscription price.   Click here for more information on our digital subscription options.

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