Charli Kerns

Charli Kerns

Charli is the online editor for Canoe & Kayak magazine. Her boating career started with kayaking in the Appalachian mountains of east Tennessee. She picked up canoeing in New England where she got her master's in science journalism. She has since switched mainly to whitewater canoeing and multi-day adventures though picks up the play boat and creeker from time to time.

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Rough & Ready and Baldface Creeks

04.17.2013 //

Rough & Ready and Baldface Creeks were listed as one of the 2013 most endangered rivers.

Flint River

04.17.2013 //

Flint River in Georgia is on 2013 Endangered Rivers list.

Catawba River

04.17.2013 //

Catawba River is one of the 2013 Top Endangered Rivers

San Saba River

04.17.2013 //

San Saba River on the 2013 Endangered Rivers List

Little Plover River

04.17.2013 //

Little Plover River is one of 2013′s Top Endangered Rivers

America’s Most Endangered Rivers

04.17.2013 //

American Rivers released its annual “America’s Most Endangered Rivers” report. This 2013 list features 10 rivers around the country facing urgent threats. Grassroots river conservationists have teamed up with American Rivers to use the report to save their local rivers.

NRS Zen Rescue PFD

04.17.2013 //

In this installment of Trade Talk, C&K recently caught up with Jacob Boling with NRS at the 2013 Canoecopia expo to talk about their new product, the Zen Rescue PFD.

Chattahoochee Journal: The Journey’s End

04.16.2013 //

The rivers are flowing again. The reservoirs upstream have been topped off for the first time in a long while. Winter rains fulfilled their promise this year. But nothing is ever certain this far downstream.

Kokatat Maximus Prime

04.15.2013 //

In this installment of Trade Talk, C&K recently caught up with Matt Porter with Kokatat at the 2013 Canoecopia expo to talk about their new product, the Maximum Prime

From the Vault: Waterways of Promise

04.13.2013 //

The voyageurs, men and women who worked the waterways in search of adventure and treasure did more than open up North America—they lived a life rich with exploration and discovery.

That’s the caption to the story in May 1998′s issue, titled Waterways of Promise, and this month’s From the Vault.

Wind Paddle Bimini Sun Shade

04.12.2013 //

In this installment of Trade Talk, C&K recently caught up with Nick Wiltz with Wind Paddle at the 2013 Canoecopia expo to talk about their new product, the Bimini Sun Shade.

Pakboat Quest

04.11.2013 //

In this installment of Trade Talk C&K recently caught up with Alv Elvestad at the 2013 Canoecopia expo to talk about their new Pakboat, the Quest.

Thomas Hall

04.11.2013 //

Thomas Hall is a recently retired Canadian national team athlete and a 2008 Olympic bronze medalist in sprint canoe (C1 1000m). His experience with canoeing stretches over 20 years. He began paddling on family canoe trips, and, inspired by his mother (a sprint paddler) and the success his sister enjoyed at the 1993 Canada Games in sprint kayak, Thomas decided to try sprint canoeing. At 15, he followed in his sister’s footsteps, winning gold and silver at the Canada Games. Thomas then set his sights on Junior Worlds, where he surprised many, including himself, by winning gold.

Pushing Past the Plateau

04.11.2013 //

By: Thomas Hall I thought I would begin this series of tips by sharing my secrets for dealing with one of the fundamental, and insanely frustrating, features of skill development: the plateau. The plateau is something I wrestled with throughout my athletic career. In trying to master the vagaries of the sprint canoe stroke, I […]

Tips with Tom

04.11.2013 //

Though I’ll be using paddling specific examples, which shouldn’t be a problem for readers of, the tips and tricks discussed will be applicable to almost any activity. For example, the first in this series is the concept of rest. Rest is often seen as just a reward for a hard days work, when in reality, it’s an essential part of skill acquisition.

Kayak Angler Feeds a Flying Shark

04.09.2013 //

A toothy galapagos shark came thrashing violently out of the water a few feet
from Oahu-based kayak angler Isaac Brumaghim on Sunday.

Top 10 Pieces of Gear for a Wilderness Trip

04.09.2013 //

When I first started going on these trips, it was a matter of what gear I could make, scrounge, borrow, substitute or do without. Now my dilemma is more often picking from several different models of pot sets or sleeping mats that are in my basement. I thought that I’d share my top 10 pieces of gear (in no particular order) that I would take on a whitewater canoe trip to say the Hood, Nahanni or Bonnet Plume Rivers in the Canadian Arctic.

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