Charli Kerns

Charli Kerns

Charli is the online editor for Canoe & Kayak magazine. Her boating career started with kayaking in the Appalachian mountains of east Tennessee. She picked up canoeing in New England where she got her master's in science journalism. She has since switched mainly to whitewater canoeing and multi-day adventures though picks up the play boat and creeker from time to time.

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Pelican 1510 Case

04.01.2014 //

When water and impact protection are your top priority it’s hard to go wrong with Pelican’s durable hard-shell plastic cases—especially when space and weight are not the biggest concerns.

American Rivers: 51 Dams Removed in 2013

03.05.2014 //

Last year communities in 18 different states removed 51 outdated or unsafe dams throughout the country, restoring waterways for everyone from fish to floaters.

The Hard Line

03.05.2014 //

The latest of the Frank Wolf canoe expeditions was to complete the new—and crazy hard—400-mile route across the wilderness of Labrador and northern Quebec.

5 Shoulder Tips to Hone Your Paddle Stroke

02.24.2014 //

Paddlers are pre-disposed to shoulder injuries, but paddlers can avoid them. Athlete Kim Becker offers five savvy shoulder tips hone paddle stroke.

What’s in Your Kayak?

02.18.2014 //

Walter White and Los Pollos Hermanos have nothing on the Chinese kayak industry. Officials in Sydney, Australia reported on Wednesday that police had intercepted 183 kilos of methamphetamine in a shipment of sit-on-top kayaks from China. They arrested five people. The customs officials were inspecting a shipment of 27 kayaks when they discovered bundles of […]

Ben Marr’s Epic Surf on the Ottawa

02.11.2014 //

About the Photo John Rathwell took the photo on May 16, 2013, one day before the Ottawa XL started. The athlete Ben Marr is surfing Ruins Wave, Ottawa River in Ottawa Ontario Canada. Rathwell always shoots a few motion blurs of big wave surfing. He loves how the slow shutter gives the viewer a better […]

Kayak Carnage Lesson: It’s Just a Hunk of Plastic

02.06.2014 //

C&K contributor Mike Bezemek learns an important lesson during his swim and kayak carnage. Sometimes, it’s just a hunk of plastic.

Wilderness First Aid: Shoulder Dislocation

02.05.2014 //

By Grant Lipman One of the most common dislocations is the shoulder. This is especially true for paddling. The following offers a simple breakdown of what a shoulder dislocation looks like and how to relieve it. This instructional is not a substitute for actual wilderness first aid training, which we highly recommend all paddlers pursue.  […]

6 Steps to Finish Your Epic Journey

02.03.2014 //

Darrell Gardner did an 8.5-year, 6,000-mile expedition from the Mexico border to the Arctic Ocean, including an epic kayak journey. Here’s how he did it.

Jackson Fun Runner 70

01.31.2014 //

Jackson Kayaks is definitely on to something with the combination of sporty and roomy in its Jackson Fun Runner 70.

March 2014

01.21.2014 //

Foreword The Big One Crossing Baffin Welcome to the burliest double-date ever. Put In Family Matters Aquaphile The Art of the Hitch Gear Back to Classics

The Sable Crossing

01.21.2014 //

Conor Mihell A crescent of sand over 120 miles off the coast of Nova Scotia has legendary status in the Canadian Maritimes. Sable Island is known as the “Graveyard of the Atlantic.” Pieces of the Andrea Gail, a fishing vessel that sunk in 1991’s “Perfect Storm,” were discovered on the island—adding to its infamy in […]

Happy Canoe Year!

01.01.2014 //

We’ve scoured the country to find the most ardent group of New Years Day paddlers we could, who every year ring in the new year with a dip of the paddle blade.

Boating Milestones

12.25.2013 //

This story featured in our 40th anniversary issue, which debuted in March 2013.

High Fives and Party Waves Physical Therapy

12.20.2013 //

To those athletes who lose the sport they love to paralyzing injury, High Fives Foundation offers a new sport in surfing and physical therapy.

Yak About Adventures, A New Zealand Roadie

12.18.2013 //

Kayaker Jaime Sharp wants his series on kayak New Zealand to answer humanity’s oldest question: “why do we choose the paths we do and what gives us meaning?”

Iron X DXG 5G9V HD

12.16.2013 //

The Iron X is the lowest-priced camera in our test sample, and it provides high-definition POV performance at the relatively affordable entry point of about $250.

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