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Costa Rica

01.22.2003 //

COSTA RICA RIOS 888-434-0776 E-mail: Reservations@CostaRicaRios.comWebsite: The finest full service kayak and canoe adventure operator in Costa Rica. We specialize in professional kayak instruction tours in beautiful Costa Rica: Level I/II or II/III, 7 to 13 day kayak instruction adventures begin monthly.


01.22.2003 //


01.22.2003 //

TONGASS KAYAK ADVENTURES P.O. 2169 Petersburg, Alaska 99833 907-772-4600Web: A small company in its 18th year of providing unmatched paddling Adventures on Alaska’s Inside Passage. ISLAND EXCURSIONS PO Box 285 Kake, Alaska 99830-0285 907-785-3369 Web: Off the beaten path. Remote paddling adventure. All experience levels. Whales, sea otter, bald eagles, sea lions, and […]

Send Us News!

01.22.2003 //

Doing something for conservation or access? Have a major expedition planned? Done something cool? Share your news with C&K readers. Email Robin Stanton with News as the subject line.


01.22.2003 //

FLORIDA BAY OUTFITTERS PO Box 2513 Key Largo, FL 33037 (305) 451-3018E-mail: kayak@terranova.netWeb: Florida Keys and Everglades National Park. Complete on the water paddling shop and web store. Sales, Rentals, Tours and Instruction. Half day to seven day paddling tours. Paddle year round! Custom outings for large groups, schools, scouts, and corporations.

Paddling Schools – Southwest

01.22.2003 //

To advertise your school on the Paddling Schools Online website contact: Tracy Clapp Canoe & Kayak Magazine Phone: (425) 827-6363 or (800) 692-2663, ext. 105Cell phone 425-241-7625 Fax: (425) 827-1893 E-mail: BILL DVORAK RAFTING & KAYAK EXPEDTIONS17921 U.S. Highway 285Nathrop, CO 81236(800) 824-3795E-mail: We offer 9 rivers in 6 southwestern states, 0 to […]

Paddling Schools – Southeast

01.22.2003 //

CAMP MONDAMIN FOR BOYS CAMP GREEN COVE FOR GIRLS 800-688-5789 E-mail: Web: or In Canoe & Kayak’s words: “NC camps with top-level instruction since 1922. Kids methodically pass skills first on lakes, then on whitewater of graduated difficulty, until at summers end they are running Class III-IV rapids. Though noncompetitive in their […]

Paddling Schools – Northwest

01.22.2003 //

GEORGE GRONSETH’S KAYAK ACADEMY Established 1991 2512 NE 95th Seattle, WA 98115 206-527-1825 Fax: 206-525-3392 E-mail: Web: SEA KAYAKING LESSONS FROM AN AUTHORITY ON SAFETY & TECHNIQUE For the best state-of-the-art instruction, go see George. George Gronseth is an expert who also has patience and exceptional teaching ability. George co-authored the safety book […]

Paddling Schools – Northeast

01.22.2003 //

RIVERSPORT SCHOOL OF PADDLING 800-216-6991 E-mail: whiteh20@qcol.comWeb: For over 21 years, Riversport has been providing quality instruction and exciting fun to our growing family of friends. Located beside the beautiful Youghiogheny River, our small classes (5:1) combined with our motivated ACA instructors focus on a safe learning experience from your first time paddling to […]

Paddling Schools – Mountain

01.22.2003 //

To advertise on the Paddling Schools Online website contact: James Scheer Canoe & Kayak Magazine Phone: (425) 827-6363 or (800) 692-2663 Fax: (425) 827-1893 E-mail:

Understanding The Boats of Lewis and Clark

01.20.2003 //

In 1802, President Jefferson asked Meriwether Lewis to lead an expedition to explore the new West, documenting the flora, fauna, and Native American tribes, and to map a water route to the Pacific Ocean. Lewis accepted, then chose William Clark as his co-commander. Together they enlisted a brave group of Americans that came to be […]

Paddling the Pines

01.18.2003 //

I had chosen the upper end of the stream, where the river was initially shallow enough to pole rather than paddle, and I pushed against the sandy bottom. However, within a half mile the depth increased. Indeed, the snaky path of the river (perhaps even more winding than the Mullica) grew in depth with surprising […]

Which Way to Ferry?

01.18.2003 //

The other day a fellow asked me why I favored a forward (upstream) ferry on the river. He pointed out that many canoeing gurus advocate back ferrying. I defended the benefits of a forward ferry by focusing on how each technique has its use; this is not a situation of good versus bad or right […]

Embracing the Enemy

01.17.2003 //

Once you have learned the high brace and low brace, you are on the road to perpetual stability. You won’t always have time to do the textbook braces, especially when your paddle is buried under the boat on the side you are going over on. To get there, you will have to practice bringing your […]

Canoe & Kayak Staff

01.16.2003 //

Age: Summer of Love, 1967 Gig: Editor Known for: Bitching about carrying his boat, and running stuff he shouldn’t to avoid same Boating since: 1996 Has paddled in: Twenty-three states, seven countries, and one territory, using everything from a Perception Dancer (first boat) to the hopelessly hogged Blue Hole canoe he re-gunwaled one winter Came […]

Fish Tales

01.15.2003 //

Most kayakers cherish their encounters with wildlife as part of the pleasures of paddling. Sometimes, however, the wildlife comes too close for comfort. A few paddlers have reported that fish have slammed against the sides of their kayaks or even leaped onto their decks at night. The likeliest reason is that the fish are drawn […]

Northern Forest Canoe Trail

01.15.2003 //

Paddlers can follow an ancient route on a new historic water trail that begins in New York’s Adirondack Mountains and ends 740 rugged miles later in Maine, thanks to the Northern Forest Canoe Trail (NFCT), which recently located its office in Warren, Vermont. The nonprofit NFCT is devoted to creating a historic water trail that […]

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