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Paddling the Primordial

02.24.2003 //

A roundup of great swamp canoeing and kayaking trips throughout the south, including Everglades, Okefenokee, and the Great Dismal Swamp.

Paddle Seattle

02.24.2003 //

Puget Sound is an area with multiple personalities. It is shrouded in clouds and moisture for much of the year, yet the summers are beautiful and warm, with hardly a drop of rain between July and October. Seattle is bordered by salt water on the west and by the rugged Cascade mountain range on the […]

New York City Day Trips

02.24.2003 //

The water surface around me mirrored the autumn colors of nearby trees and the craggy cliffs soaring several hundred feet. Cormorants in neat choir rows dried their outspread wings just yards away. From around the bend came the sound of a waterfall, where a lone heron often walks the marsh grasses at its base. Manhattan […]

Paddlers Online

02.21.2003 //

Online is the place to be! You can learn from the best at two new Web sites. Wanna know what’s up with two-time World Freestyle kayak champion Eric “EJ” Jackson? Log onto his new site,, for up-to-date information on EJ as well as general kayaking information. The site provides technique tips, first-person accounts of […]

Cee-ing is Believing

02.21.2003 //

Learn the C-stroke on flatwater, and your newly refined skill will increase your precision without sacrificing speed.

Gearing Up for The Cold

02.12.2003 //

The warm days of summer are still months away. But don’t forget about your paddling gear just yet. Some of the best paddling of the year can be had in windy and cool weather, when the fair-weather crowds are gone and old familiar paddling areas take on a new sense of discovery. Taking a few […]

Compass Review

02.11.2003 //

A compass doesn’t tell you which way you’re going. Nor how far you’ve gone. For that matter, unless you’re off the west coast of Florida, it doesn’t even point north. So why even bother with one? If you paddle on a little pond within constant sight of your house you might not need one. However, […]

Good Times on the Main Salmon

02.07.2003 //

An 80-mile, seven-day run down the Main Salmon River gives paddlers postcard scenery, wide-open wave trains, and a Christmas gift that keeps on giving.

Land of the Lost

02.01.2003 //

In Edward Abbey’s collection of essays titled The Journey Home, the conservationist wrote: “Why … go walking into the desert? … [T]here [is] nothing out there … but the silent world.” The world to which he refers is silent only in comparison to our noise-saturated urban world. Like the “peace and quiet” of any other […]

Eddies from Space

01.30.2003 //

NASA’s Earth Observatory is full of images that appeal to paddlers. Here, they show giant eddies off of British Columbia’s Queen Charlotte Islands and Alaska’s Alexander Archipelago, displayed to highlight the presence of biological activity in the ocean. The eddies are formed by strong outflow currents from rivers along North America’s west coast that are […]

Paddling Schools – West

01.27.2003 //

JACKSON HOLE KAYAK SCHOOL 307-733-2471 Web: Experience the Fun – Whitewater Kayaking in Jackson Hole! 1st timers and veteran paddlers alike enjoy the World famous Snake River and its tributaries. Learn to kayak or hone your skills on the friendly waters and big waves of the West’s premier instructional river. Join our expert staff […]


01.26.2003 //

Jan. 24 – Ray McLain – Moving On

01.24.2003 //

The paddling world has lost one of its finest. Ray McLain, former national marathon and whitewater canoe champion, American Canoe Association Instructor Trainer, and team manager and coach to many top-class young boaters, died January 23, 2003, after being diagnosed with advanced colon cancer about 17 months ago. He was 65. Ray was a graduate […]

A Taste of the South

01.24.2003 //

It is February, yet golden sunlight warms my shoulders as my boat glides over the glass-smooth brown water. A snowy egret takes startled flight as my kayak approaches. I paddle on through peaceful marshes, making my way to my final destination-a fresh seafood lunch on the shady open deck of a nearby restaurant. Are you […]

30 Years and Counting

01.24.2003 //

After three decades, first as Canoe Magazine and later as Canoe & Kayak, we’re the number one paddlesports resource in the world, and we intend to stay that way. 2003 is a special year for us because it marks the 30th anniversary of Canoe & Kayak Magazine. Our first issue was published and placed on […]

Goodbye Winter, Hello Costa Rica

01.24.2003 //

THE WHITEWATER IS NEARLY nonstop-fun and feisty Class II-III rapids spiced with rock gardens, gnarly holes, and playful surf waves. Exotically pristine, the warm, clear Rio Pejibaye courses through a hilly, emerald-green corridor that is home to ever-elusive jungle cats, monkeys, raccoon-like coatimundis, peccaries, and sloths. Squawking green parrots, crow-sized black-and-yellow oropendulas, and keel-billed toucans […]

Open-Boat Boot Camp

01.23.2003 //

“So you want some bigger water, eh?” our guide asked mischievously as he checked out his new, untested recruits. A few days earlier, upon first meeting Andrew Westwood, one of North America’s top whitewater canoe competitors and instructors, my three fellow paddlers and I had innocently inquired if we could run a few Class IVs […]

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