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Kayak Caving in the Channel Islands National Park

03.21.2007 //

By Chuck GrahamA Canoe & Kayak Web Exclusive3/20/07 I scanned the brittle, pock-marked walls of a dark sea cave within Santa Cruz Island, one of the Channel Islands off the west coast of California. The caves harbor pelagic cormorants and pigeon guillemots where they roost comfortably in the damp alcoves. Bird-watching in the caves is […]

Teaching an Old Canoe

03.21.2007 //

The canoe came with the house. I wrote it into the purchase offer. On a battleground of inflated Florida real estate, it was my moral victory. The 16-footer had spent most of its life sheltering lizards, upended in the backyard next to the pond. It wasn’t worth a hundred bucks, the sun-damaged polymer hull had […]

Hybrid Car Review

03.06.2007 //

story and photos by John Bolivarfirst appeared in Canoe & Kayak March 07So C&K took a hard look at hybrid cars, and discovered they’ve come a long way since first hitting American showrooms in 1999. The latest offerings are roomier, more powerful, and far more stylish than ever before. Hybrids use both gas and electric […]

Abalone Treasures by Kayak

03.02.2007 //

Abalone are a species of shellfish (mollusks) related to the familiar bivalves, clams. They have a beautifully iridescent colored shell with a series of holes, 4 – 10 , along the top of the shell. The tasty treasures are scattered off the rugged Washington, Oregon and northern California coasts. Anyone with an appetite for diving […]

Canoe Camping in a Treehouse

03.02.2007 //

A treehouse just may offer one of the most civilized canoe camping experiences a paddler can possible find. And, it seems only fitting that it’s in the genteel state of South Carolina, where paddling has a distinctively southern-and civil-accent. The two treehouses on the Edisto River were the brainchild of Scott Kennedy, founder of Carolina […]

Aquaphile – Hope on the Hulahula

02.28.2007 //

Homesick Hawaiian whaleboat crewmen named Alaska’s Hulahula River. Locked in the Beaufort Sea ice, wintering over in cramped wooden Yankee sailing ships near the river’s mouth, they named it for what they surely missed the most—the grass skirts and swaying palm trees of home. I’ve only been here a few minutes and I can already […]

National River Cleanup Week

02.22.2007 //

American Rivers i is the new sponsor of National River Cleanup Week: June 2-10, 2007 Millions of tons of trash wind up in our nation’s rivers and streams every year, and American Rivers is harnessing the power of thousands of people and communities to do something about it. American Rivers is pleased to announce , […]

Search for the Ivory Billed Woodpecker

02.19.2007 //

Story by Mara KahnPhotos by Larry Ricestory first appeared in March 07 Canoe and KayakPADDLING OUR MUD-STREAKED canoes into a maze of mature bald cypress in Arkansas’ steamy Bayou DeView—a shadowy tableau of swamp-loving trees and acidic, tea-colored water—Marc, Larry and I make our first positive sighting. Unfortunately, it’s not the magnificent ivory-billed woodpecker we […]

Jacksonville Kayak Fishing Classic

02.19.2007 //

The 4th annual Jacksonville Kayak Fishing Classic promotes kayak fishing in Jacksonville with a fun conservation-oriented format and raises funds for children’s programs through Daniel Memorial. The premier ecotourism event also supports the St. Johns Riverkeeper and the Coastal Conservation Association (CCA) Officials expect that more than 200 kayak anglers will target Redfish, Trout, and […]

Recreational Kayak Review

02.16.2007 //

These days the term “recreational kayak” has become a catch-all phrase, much like “organic” or “SUV.” Its definition has come to include transitional touring kayaks, sea kayaks, expedition kayaks, kayaks that look like canoes, kayaks that look like river rafts, even surf skis. Whew. For all practical purposes, “recreational” refers to boats a few feet […]

Whitewater Hall of Fame Nominations

02.14.2007 //

The acceptance period for nominations for the 2007 Class of Inductees into the International Whitewater Hall of Fame is now open and will be accepted from Affiliate Organizations through March 30, 2007. The whitewater community is encouraged to contact their affiliates to participate in the nomination process. A listing of the affiliates can be found […]

Alaska Sea Kayaking Symposium

02.13.2007 //

The Alaska event will have instructors, guides, outfitters, retailers from around Alaska, a variety of classes never offered before in a symposium, a 5 day lecture series, and trade show. It is open to the public for a fun and educational gathering on Resurrection Bay. Our classes provide a comprehensive introductory, intermediate, and advanced learning […]

Owyhee River

02.13.2007 //

The Owyhee River takes you on an intoxicating desert run.

Empty Sea Kayak Found in Tasman Sea

02.13.2007 //

McAuley was attempting to be the first solo paddler to cross the tumultuous 1600km (1,000-mile) Tasman Sea between Tasmania and New Zealand. Late Friday (Feb. 9) The New Zealand Rescue Coordination Center received a garbled emergency radio message but could not confirm it was from McAuley. Searchers found his overturned kayak Saturday evening. His life […]

Amateur Video Contest

02.09.2007 //

SMILING FACES AND BEAUTIFUL PLACES AMATEUR VIDEO CONTEST Thanks to all the contestants. Voting has closed! And the winna is! Scott Neely! PRIZES Scott NeelyFIRST PRIZE: Airfare and 4 night hotel accomodations for 2 to Charleston, SC. Paddle with Greg Barton. Jerry NolanSECOND PRIZE: Thule Slipstream car top rack system. AZ BoysTHIRD PRIZE: Winners choice […]

Northern Exposure

02.01.2007 //

first appeared in December ’06 Canoe & Kayak C&K: It’s been about three weeks since you stopped paddling. Are you still sore? JM: No, not at all. My hands are a bit messed up, but no shoulder or back problems at all, a bit surprising really. I’m just starting to run again. Shuffling is more […]

Canoe & Kayak, March 2007 – Table of Contents

02.01.2007 //

This latest issue of Canoe & Kayak is on sale now. It is the “Green Issue” – our first issue printed on Recycled paper. Pick up a copy at your local newsstand or paddling shop, or subscribe today! FEATURES Arkansas Phoenix – How far would you go to steal a glance at a bird science […]

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