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Anton Immler’s World Record Drop (in a Dinghy)

01.12.2011 //

By Tim Mutrie Published: January 12, 2011 Swedish paddler Anton Immler is claiming a world record waterfall drop… in a Kmart-style dingy. See for yourself. Meanwhile, since word of world record waterfall drops travels fast—even if things get lost in translation coming all the way from Chile—we decided to look back at the real historic […]

Owens River Odyssey

01.11.2011 //

Return of a river breathes life into a different sort of novice paddling club

Kayak Fishing Tales: Night Fishing

01.07.2011 //

In this Kayak Fishing Tales episode Jim Sammons explains how to make night kayak fishing as safe and productive as possible

Virtual Coach Episode V: Sea Kayak Self Rescue

01.06.2011 //

In this episode of C&K’s Virtual Coach, Kuthe covers self rescue in a sea kayak.

Virtual Coach Episode IV: Packing a Sea Kayak

01.05.2011 //

In this episode of C&K’s Virtual Coach, Paul Kuthe details the art of packing a sea kayak.

Man, Mission, Gear: Marcus Demuth

01.05.2011 //

(This article was featured in the December 2010 issue of Canoe and Kayak Magazine) German rock ’n’ roll drummer Marcus Demuth moved to New York City for the music scene.
During a smoke break six years ago, he saw kayakers paddling on the Hudson River. Soon he could think of little else. “I just felt like […]

Virtual Coach Episode III: The Stern Rudder

01.04.2011 //

Here, the owners of Body, Boat, Blade on Washington’s Orca Island, take you through the intricacies of the stern pry and draw.

R-2 Raft Technique: Double Trouble

01.03.2011 //

Stick your tandem paddling line

Roadtrip Report

01.02.2011 //

Family canoeing with the Ford Edge

One Heck Of A Snodger

12.30.2010 //

Australian kayak fisherman lands unofficial world-record barramundi fish

Virtual Coach Episode II: The Low-Brace Turn

12.23.2010 //

Here, the owners of Body, Boat, Blade on Washington’s Orca Island, take you through the intricacies of the low-brace turn.

20 Days Around South Georgia Island

12.23.2010 //

Norwegians complete first self-supported expedition around Antarctica’s South Georgia Island

Revisiting the Hendri Coetzee Tragedy

12.21.2010 //

By Joe Carberry Published: December 21, 2010 During the first week of December, Canoe & Kayak reported that legendary South African expedition kayaker Hendri Coetzee disappeared on the Lakuga River, a tributary of the Congo in Africa, after being attacked by a crocodile. His body has still not been recovered. Coetzee and his paddling partners, […]

Virtual Coach Episode I: That On-Edge Feeling

12.21.2010 //

Here, the owners of Body, Boat, Blade on Washington’s Orca Island, take you through the intricacies of edging your kayak as first seen in the July 2010 issue of Canoe and Kayak magazine.

5 Minutes: World Champion Valerie Bertrand

12.20.2010 //

Photo: Benjamin Hjort When we talked to Valerie Bertrand, the 31-year-old Quebec native’s bell had just been seriously rung in the Norwegian kiteskiing championships, after a fierce gust unexpectedly grabbed her kite and dragged her upside down across a few hundred yards of frozen, rocky tundra. Concussed, the uber-athlete was in recovery mode as she […]

The New Marine Land

12.18.2010 //

By Conor Mihell Published: December 17, 2010 Forward thinking, decades ago, made all 366 miles of the Oregon coast public property, allowing for unfettered access to some of the best sea kayaking in North America. Now, Oregon is on the cusp of creating a network of marine reserves that would ensure the coast remains attractive […]

Feds Order Removal Of White Salmon’s Condit Dam

12.16.2010 //

American Whitewater Staff Report Published: December 16, 2010 The prospect of removing Condit Dam on the White Salmon River moved closer to reality today in a significant ruling from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commissioning formally ordering the removal of the dam. This past October the State of Washington gave their final approval for the project […]

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