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C&K Behind the Scenes

05.04.2010 //

Product Shoot Time Lapse from Chris Bishow on Vimeo.

The Ultimate Bivouac Kit

05.03.2010 //

In some ways, day-trips have the potential of being more dangerous, and far more uncomfortable, than multi-day outings. Since we only plan to be out for a few hours, we often carry very little with us on day-trips. Some paddlers take little else than what they’re wearing–a potentially serious problem should conditions deteriorate. If your […]

How to Choose the BEST Fishing Kayak

04.30.2010 //

Wanna’ get into kayak fishing? There’s are a lot of fishing kayaks to choose from. In this episode of Kayak Fishing Tales, Ken Whiting explains how to select the right fishing kayak for your unique needs. Watch How to Choose the BEST Fishing Kayak video.

The Love Of The Game

04.30.2010 //

I go fishing about once a year, and actually catch fish less often than that. But when I see those bumper stickers—“The worst day fishing is better than the best day at work”—I can relate. My own mantra goes like this: I have never once regretted the decision to go boating. Not once, in almost […]

Come Hell or High Water

04.29.2010 //

The latest event in the growing trend of downriver whitewater racing is seeking more than just the usual mix of speed, thrills and carnage in serious whitewater. This Saturday, Ontario boaters will flood the Petawawa River, a tributary of the well-known Ottawa River, to participate in the second annual Hell or High Water Festival. While […]

The Nick Offerman Canoe, a Love Story

04.27.2010 //

Cedar-strip canoes don’t normally take starring roles in hit primetime comedies, but Nick Offerman is no ordinary Hollywood celeb. Offerman, who plays the self-absorbed boss Ron Swanson to perfection on the hit NBC series Parks and Recreation, lent his hand-built cedar stripper to the show for a canoe-themed episode that aired March 11. The Offerman […]

This Canoe’s Life

04.26.2010 //

BY COLLEEN KALEDA My dog lifts a hind leg over the old canoe’s aluminum skin and even as I listen to the metallic spattering, I know that I won’t scold him. I can’t blame a dog for marking what he thinks is a large piece of garden art. The canoe belonged to my late father. […]

Highlights from the NOC Shootout

04.24.2010 //

The Shootout at the Nantahala Outdoor Center’s newly improved wave went off with Wavesport’s Bryan Kirk topping all comers.

The Surf Zone

04.23.2010 //

The Surf Zone Mastering rough water launches and landings When it comes to surfing breaking waves in an 18-foot sea kayak, Sean Morley would rather not. “To be honest, most sea kayaks pretty much suck in the surf,” says Morley, who launched and landed his Valley Nordkapp through beach breaks regularly on his record-shattering, 17-day […]

Summer Time – Time to Get Pumped

04.22.2010 //

Spring is here, which leads into a long summer of paddling. Here’s a video by Colorado’s Matt Clarke to get you stoked on the season. Paddle Hard! Summer Time from Matt Clarke on Vimeo.

Going it Alone

04.22.2010 //

Going it Alone Solo sea kayaking ups the ante In the July issue, Canoe and Kayak magazine will delve into one of sea kayaking’s most intimate aspects: solo paddling. Solo kayaking is at once scorned and admired: scorned for its lack of self-perseverance; admired for the skill and confidence it takes to successfully pull off. […]

Long Lost Canoe Technique

04.21.2010 //

Rolling a canoe is tough, even more so when the paddler forgets to use the fainting goat. The delves into this practice. Look for Will Lyons’ Canoe Movie to debut this August at Canoe and Kayak’s annual Outdoor retailer shindig. CanoeTech: The Fainting Goat from Lunch Video Magazine on Vimeo.

Teva Mountain Games Goes SUPing

04.19.2010 //

The Vail Valley Foundation and C4 Waterman announced this year’s standup paddling (SUP) events at the 9th annual Teva Mountain Games in Vail, CO, taking place June 3 – 6, 2010. Along with the two brand new SUP events presented by C4 Waterman added to the sport roster this year, C4 Waterman and TMG will […]

Nine Lives

04.17.2010 //

Nine Lives Don Starkell is a Survivor He’s been kidnapped by pirates, faced arrest in Central American slums, been shot at countless times, nearly starved to death, survived towering Gulf of Mexico seas in an open canoe, capsized and swam in the icy waters of Hudson Bay, been chased by polar bears, entombed in the […]

Rest in Peace Good River

04.16.2010 //

Rest in Peace Good River Boaters and Environmentalists remember the Ashlu Boaters and environmentalists in British Columbia are mourning the loss of one of the province’s best whitewater rivers and a productive ecosystem of salmon and grizzly bears. In December, Innergex Renewable Power’s 49.9-megawatt Ashlu River hydroelectric facility, located about 50 miles northwest of Vancouver, […]


04.15.2010 //

By Bryan Smith We should be suiting up to paddle, but the windows are chattering in their panes, threatening to succumb at any moment to the onslaught of freezing rain driven before a 30-knot gale. So instead of paddling, I push back from the dining room table and waddle to the overstuffed chair with a […]

The Northwest Creeking Competition

04.14.2010 //

Videographer Nate Herbeck reports exclusively for Canoe and Kayak from the Northwest Creeking Competition on the Washington’s East Fork of the Lewis. Look for more exclusive video event reports from Canoe and Kayak as the season rolls on.

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