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The North Fork Championship III Finale

06.18.2014 //

A recap on the third annual North Fork Championship. This year more athletes came with bigger stoke to the small town in Idaho for the world’s gnarliest race.


06.13.2014 //

WESTERN CANOE & KAYAK EXPEDITION CART MSRP: $250 This is the stoutest of the bunch. The expedition cart is beefy from the stainless-steel axle to the 16” wheels worthy of a compact car, built for the most remote and rugged conditions – rocky shorelines, bumpy tundra, big loads. This is your baby. The price […]


06.13.2014 //

C-TUG TROLLEY MSRP: $160 Made in New Zealand, the C-tug breaks the mold for portage carts. Constructed out of molded plastic parts which snap and clip together in short order and with no loose pieces, it is relatively light, very compact, and trouble free over varied terrain. Broken down, it will fit inside a […]


06.13.2014 //

WIKE WOODY CART MSRP: $100 If pavement is your game, these are your wheels. Wike specializes in bike and walk transport. This affordable cart can be towed efficiently behind a bicycle or by hand. 20” alloy wheels are a dream to pull, and they handle the demands of dirt or paved roads no problem. […]


06.13.2014 //

SEATTLE SPORTS NEMO EXTREMO MSRP: $135 Far and away the easiest cart to put together, and the most lightweight and compact. The Nemo stows easily in a kayak hatch and weighs less than 10 lbs. The big advantage, beyond weight and size is the airless, puncture-proof tires, so you roll free of flat-tire worry. […]


06.13.2014 //

WHEEL-EEZ CANOE CART BEACH MSRP $241 This cart performs well on both rough ground and smooth trails or pavement. The low-pressure balloon tires made of polyurethane are very durable and perform well in soft sand and rocky trails. At the same time, I was surprised how easily they rolled on pavement. I tested a […]

Canoe & Kayak Magazine Newsletter – June 12, 2014

06.11.2014 //

Greenland Bound, Flying Off Everest, Race Around Vancouver Island + More

Rock Creek Recon

06.10.2014 //

Inside the exploratory first descent of Rock Creek Gorge, a gem buried deep in the heart of the Cascades where paddlers have been systematically hunting for runnable whitewater over the last two decades.

Rides: Real People and the Boats They Love

06.10.2014 //

In the Rides series, C&K shares the stories of real paddlers and the classic kayaks and canoes they love.

WHAT I LEARNED: Paddling the California Coast

06.09.2014 //

Hard lessons learned from Matt Krizan’s 36-day expedition paddling the entire Pacific coastline of California, from the June 2014 issue of C&K.

Rides: Alvah Maloney’s Necky Looksha 17

06.09.2014 //

By Katie McKy You might think that a boyhood on a mountain would make a man a mountaineer or that coming of age on whitewater rafts would make a man prefer standing waves to the ocean’s waves. This hasn’t been the case for Alvah Maloney, who had an ordinary boyhood–for a boy born in the […]

Catching Up With Canoe Author Jerry Dennis

05.29.2014 //

Jerry Dennis ’s ‘From a Wooden Canoe’ has been in print since 1999. Now the collection of essays celebrating woodsmanship is available as an E-book.

Catching up with Jerry Dennis: Getting Out

05.29.2014 //

This excerpt from Jerry Dennis’s writings compiled into a book ‘From a Wooden Canoe’ stresses the importance of exploring nature, even in not-so-comfortable times.

Catching up with Jerry Dennis: Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

05.29.2014 //

This excerpt from Jerry Dennis’s writings compiled into a book ‘From a Wooden Canoe’ discusses the importance between building a decent a decent fire and a great one.

Russell Henry to Race Around Vancouver Island

05.29.2014 //

Victoria, B.C. local Russell Henry plans to race 740 miles around Vancouver Island in an attempt to break Colin Angus’s 2011 speed record.

Infallible Inflatable Kayaks

05.28.2014 //

Seven solo, self-bailing inflatable kayaks highlighted in our June 2014 issue and put to the test on high- and low-water runs down the Yampa, Green and Colorado rivers out West, featuring the latest from NRS, Hyside, AIRE, SOTAR, SOAR, Advanced Elements, and Innova.

One for the Flats: Innova Swing II

05.27.2014 //

Innova’s Swing II L: 13’2”; W: 33”; 31 lbs. ($799; While most of the above companies also offer IKs for touring, none specialize in it as much as Innova, whose new Swing II has something most other IKs don’t: a deck to keep spray at bay. Measuring 13’2” and weighing 31 lbs, the tandem can […]

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