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The Century Club

07.21.2011 //

Call it Canada’s best idea. One hundred years ago, in 1911, Canada established the Dominion Parks Branch—the world’s first national parks service. Back then, the Canadian government managed six parks—including iconic mountain retreats like Banff and Jasper…

Northern Forest Canoe Trail: Rural Youth Get Out On the River

07.21.2011 //

his summer an innovative program has been gaining attention in the small towns and cities of northern New York and New England. One hundred fifty youth, ranging in age from 10–14, are getting out on the rivers of the region as part of a program that is tailored specifically to providing rural youth experiences in nature.

Six Fast and Fit Touring Kayaks

07.21.2011 //

Running a kayak touring business in Manhattan is like driving a yellow cab in Boothbay, Maine. You get fares, but making a living is not easy. For the past 16 years, Eric Stiller, the founder of Manhattan Kayak Company has sold kayaking in the city that never sleeps and rarely paddles.

Innova Introduces the Swing I & II Green Kayaks

07.20.2011 //

Burlington, Washington – July 20, 2011 Innova Kayak is pleased to announce two new decked kayaks, the Swing I and II. Designed to meet the PVC-free standards increasingly being demanded by progressive retailers and consumers, the Swings offer amazing performance at weights not achieved with decked boats before in the industry.

Current Designs Freedom – Fast and Fit Boats

07.20.2011 //

Here’s a boat that increases both your heart rate and fun rate. Long, fast, and exceedingly light, the smooth-lined Freedom is also surprisingly stable for those craving a specialty fitness boat, making it a great fit for any traditional sea kayaker looking to move faster while sacrificing only a wee bit of stability.

Cobra Eliminator – Fast and Fit Boats

07.20.2011 //

Made from super-linear polyethylene, the Eliminator is hit-me-with-your-best-shot durable. But at 42 pounds, it’s a handful to carry alone. It has the sleek racing design of an Olympic K-1—narrow bow, relatively high bucket seat and adjustable foot pedals to control the over-stern rudder…

Kayakpro Namu – Fast and Fit Boats

07.20.2011 //

Take a short, sluggish sea kayak—a standard beginner’s boat—hand it to a world-class sprinter, and viola! You get an efficient, fitness-oriented kayak.

Pyranha Speeder – Fast and Fit Boats

07.20.2011 //

From its source in Lake Tear of the Clouds on Mt. Marcy, the highest peak in New York, the Hudson rushes through the Adirondacks, ambles past the state capitol in Albany and, 315 miles later, meets the Atlantic at New York Harbor.

Hurricane Category 5 – Fast and Fit Boats

07.20.2011 //

The Hurricane Category 5 is billed as a performance kayak for training, racing and day-tripping on lakes. So when our testers first eyed this short, sleek, shiny red boat, we wondered why the North Carolina-based builders named a lightweight, rudderless craft meant for “quiet lakes” after a storm capable of tossing a well-fed cow over a barn.

Epic V8 – Fast and Fit Boats

07.20.2011 //

Epic’s first surfski, a 21-foot racing machine called the V10, was designed to be the fastest all-around ocean kayak in the world. Arguably, it was, especially when either of the designers—Olympian Greg Barton and 11-time Molokai champ Oscar Chalupsky—sat in the bucket.

Virtual Coach: Power Paddling

07.18.2011 //

Sean Morley knows a few things about going fast. He honed his forward stroke technique as a flatwater sprint racer on the British junior national team, but has made his biggest mark traveling far and fast in challenging conditions. He’s held speed records for crossing the Irish Sea, circumnavigating Vancouver Island, and paddling 4,500 miles around Great Britain and Ireland, solo.

Gone Fishin’

07.18.2011 //

On Saturday, July 23, kayaker Josh Tart will set off on the Ohio River in Cincinnati on one of North America’s classic water routes. The so-called “Great Loop” traces the perimeter of the eastern United States. What sets Tart’s expedition apart from the countless pleasure boaters and odd sea kayakers and canoeists…

Kayaks on the ‘Shetland Bus’

07.15.2011 //

Three English sea kayakers are setting out from the Shetland Islands tomorrow, July 16, local time, on an attempt to cross the North Sea to the west coast of Norway as part of a fundraising expedition to benefit the Make a Wish Foundation and the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI).

Kayak Fishing Skills

07.14.2011 //

You know when Good Morning America viewers are entreated to some kayaking with their morning coffee it’s gotta be something good … or shark related.

C&K’s Guide to Summer Reading

07.13.2011 //

To say Concord, Mass., resident P.G. Downes (1909-1959) was ahead of his time is an understatement. Between 1936 and 1947, the Harvard-educated schoolteacher spent his summers exploring the then-unmapped reaches of the Canadian subarctic, sensitively documenting the plight of fading aboriginal cultures and creating detailed maps of the waterways he followed by wood and canvas canoe.

Slippery When Wet, No. 7: Knight Brothers

07.12.2011 //

This is the seventh (and final) trailer from Shasta Boyz Productions’ new film, Slippery When Wet. Each trailer features an athlete from the film and provides a little insight into each character’s lifestyle. The sequel to Wet Dreams, this film from Shon Bollock features segments from the United States, Mexico, Hawaii, and Japan

Bomb Flow TV #1

07.12.2011 //

This is the first ever Bomb Flow TV monthly episode! Taking you to the waterfall paradise of Pucon, Chile. Watch as the infamous Demshitz crew run their favorite classics and some first descents around the area.

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