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Creek Streak

08.19.2011 //

Squatting in the rain on the banks of Washington’s East Fork of the Lewis, MacGyvering a drain-plug from a rotten stick and duct tape, it hit me; creekboating is an odd human behavior. The practice pushes the limits of what’s possible in a small, plastic boat, and challenges manufacturers to make reliable kayaks that paddlers can trust.

Big Dog Drop Zone – Creek Streak

08.19.2011 //

This new dog knows all the old tricks, and does them well. Britain’s fastest-growing kayak manufacturer designed this high-volume displacement hull beast with a long waterline for speed and highly controlled, confident paddling. “It’s perfect for tight lines in big, pushy water,” one tester said. “It would be great on the North Fork Payette-anything large and continuous.”

Fluid Detox – Creek Streak

08.19.2011 //

Like to bomb the big stuff and play along the way? Imagine a creekboat with a playboat hull: That’s the Detox. Aptly suited for tearing up big green waves and dropping waterfalls, the Detox is the missing link between Fluid’s playful river-running Spice and its creek-specific Solo.

Jackson Super Hero Elite – Creek Streak

08.19.2011 //

You don’t necessarily need to be a hero to paddle Jackson’s revamped 2011 Hero line. Faster, lighter, and easier to control than its predecessor, the new Super Hero’s wide, flat-as-possible hull means stability. Lots of it.

Prijon Pure XL – Creek Streak

08.19.2011 //

Bombproof. The blow-molded, high-molecular-weight plastic in this new, plus-size downriver tank could likely survive a direct hit from a howitzer. We didn’t actually put a bomb in the German-designed creeker, but our testers did slam it into a rock or two.

Virtual Coach: Lift and Carry

08.17.2011 //

The late Bill Mason famously said, “Anyone who tells you portaging is fun is either a liar or crazy.” But in the same breath, the iconic canoeist and filmmaker would note that a little suffering goes a long way in escaping crowds of people, making the portage a gateway to wilderness paddling. It’s this element of portability that makes the canoe so perfectly suited to traveling lake-to-lake or descending wild rivers—or for going from the roof rack to the beach.

Forward Strokes, Ischemic Strokes and No Backstrokes

08.17.2011 //

Once again I find myself at Gloucester (Mass.) High School, home of the Fighting Fishermen, bearing up beneath dark storm clouds and a gale of calendar pages. I’m staring down the barrel of my 56th birthday and Father Time’s itchy finger grows heavy on the trigger.

Taming the Kawnivore 100

08.15.2011 //

n July, the Midwest kayak race calendar is dominated by the Missouri River 340 (aka the MR340), the longest river event in the U.S. that runs from Kansas City to St. Charles, Mo. But with the Missouri breaking its banks at numerous points and the high tide obscuring dikes, buoys and other obstacles, founder and organizer Scott Mansker was forced to postpone the contest until September.

A Taste of Yurp

08.11.2011 //

Two videos originating out of France and the Old Country

Currents TV: California

08.10.2011 //

Season 2, Episode 3: A whitewater webisode produced entirely with solar (and human) power

Photo Book: AuSable River Canoe Marathon

08.02.2011 //

Northern Michigan’s 64th annual AuSable River Canoe Marathon, a 120-mile race from Grayling to Oscoda, went down Saturday and Sunday. Photographer Kevin Johnson, of Eagle Feature & Image, was on scene to capture the race from bow to stern.

13 Year-old Kayaks The Grand Canyon

07.29.2011 //

On July 12th Ted Watts, 13, of Phoenix, Ariz. (Pictured in the green boat), became—most likely—the youngest person to have ever kayaked the entire 225-mile length of The Grand Canyon.

VIRTUAL COACH: How to Pack a Raft

07.29.2011 //

Todd Collins demonstrates how to pack for a multi-day packing trip.

25 Days on the Northern Forest Canoe Trail

07.29.2011 //

Last Thursday, July 21, Skip Ciccarelli set a new standard for the fastest through-paddle of the Northern Forest Canoe Trail. Ciccarelli, a high school shop teacher from central Massachusetts, completed the 740-mile route across parts of four northeastern states and one Canadian province in 25 days—besting the previous record by a full seven days.

Bomb Flow TV: Episode 1, Part 2

07.26.2011 //

More whitewater (and hijinx) from Chile and Argentina with the Demshitz crew

Out of Africa: Berg Canoe Marathon

07.25.2011 //

The Berg is a mighty race, with no-where to hide, paddling 240km from the vineyards of Paarl to the Atlantic Ocean on the west coast at Velddrift, South Africa. For my Zulus, this trip went beyond just racing down a river, but was more of a life-enriching experience where they got to travel across South Africa.

Pelican Sets New Comfort and Performance Standard in Sit-On-Top Kayaks

07.25.2011 //

Consistently at the forefront of innovation and craftsmanship in non-motorized watercraft, Pelican International, the leading manufacturer of kayaks, canoes, pedal boats and other watercraft, has once again set a new industry standard in sit-on-top kayaks with the launch of its Elie brand Gulf 120XE and Gulf 120XE Angler.

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