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Gatherings: Ode to the Nordheimer

05.10.2012 //

An inside look at the sixth annual Cal-Salmon Race—a grassroots event held each May on California’s Class IV-V Nordheimer stretch.

Behind the Scenes: ‘Through Paddle’

05.09.2012 //

C&K’s exclusive interview with Mike Lynch, who’s new film documents the 45 days he spent paddling the 740-mile long Northern Forest Canoe Trail last summer.

Video: The North Shore

05.08.2012 //

A free 48-hour online screening of Chris Gallaway’s new film about paddling on the North Shore of Lake Superior.

Virtual Coach: Your First Rodeo

05.04.2012 //

Five years ago, Adam Chappell had only dabbled in flatwater when he saw YouTube clips of kayakers at Buseater and taught himself to loop in his backyard pool. Now a rising talent in freestyle kayaking’s competitive ranks, Chappell walks you through his first go-to trick sequence in this Virtual Coach installment that can help you build a routine for your summer festival contest of choice.

Behind The Scenes: The North Shore

05.03.2012 //

An exclusive interview with filmmaker Chris Gallaway about boating and filming on the North Shore of Lake Superior.

Want a Free Kayak?

05.01.2012 //

Here’s your chance to win a brand new Ocean Kayak Prowler Big Game Fishing Kayak.

Pyranha Shiva – 2012 Creekboats

05.01.2012 //

Pyranha hasn’t produced a truly dedicated steep-creeker since the glory days of the Micro and M:3 series, but the Shiva (named for a Hindu god) does it exceedingly well.

Liquidlogic Stomper – 2012 Creek Boats

05.01.2012 //

Although the new Stomper bears a strong resemblance to Liquidlogic’s displacement-hulled classic, the Jefe, this is definitely not the same boat.

Fluid Bazooka – 2012 Creekboats

05.01.2012 //

As the name would suggest, Fluid’s new Bazooka is meant to bomb the big stuff. And it’s got the performance capabilities to do it.

Dagger Mamba Creeker – 2012 Creekboats

05.01.2012 //

Dagger asked athletes and designers Rush Sturges, Tyler Bradt, Andrew Holcombe, Ken Hoeve and Snowy Robertson to come up with a burlier, higher-volume, and all-around safer Mamba Creeker for 2012.

The 2012 Creekboat Review: Bombing Seattle

05.01.2012 //

C&K tests out the best of this year’s fleet of new creekboats.


04.30.2012 //

Rafting hasn’t been able to enjoy much time in the limelight, but filmmakers Ryan Scott and Han Hoomans are looking to change that with the release of ‘Habitat’ this Friday, May 5.

2012 Northwest Creeking Competition Results

04.26.2012 //

Final results from the 2012 Northwest Creeking Competition on the East Fork of the Lewis and Canyon Creek races.

Souls+Water Release

04.26.2012 //

NRS and Forge Motion Pictures’ new five-part short film series, Of Souls+Water, premiering this Saturday, April 28, isn’t your typical paddling flick. It actually tells a story (while still showing folks paddling the gnar too. Don’t worry).

The Trans-Territorial Canoe Expedition

04.25.2012 //

Four Midwesterners plan to paddle and portage 2,600 miles across Canada from the Pacific Ocean to Hudson Bay.

Northwest Creeking Competition 2012

04.24.2012 //

Vitamin D unexpectedly struck the annual Northwest Creeking Competition with a blanket of sunshine that had competitors and spectators dazed with disbelief.

Video: Devil’s Washbowl

04.23.2012 //

The late Charlie Beavers first paddled through this keyhole to oblivion, surviving a piton halfway down the 60-foot falls. Thinking that more is better, Dan Simenc and Tyler Allyn gave it a go last spring at a full-on juicy level.

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