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Week in Review: October 24, 2014

10.24.2014 //

A little ice isn’t going to stop Rush Sturges from going big as usual A 70-foot plunge down Outlet Falls in Washington Merv Larson playboating in 1969 This throwback video exploded on the social feeds of surfers and kayakers alike this week. Don’t miss it. The “Tropical Grand Canyon”: Stunning cinematography of Fiji’s world-class rafting […]

The Gurkha Ellesmere Expedition

10.22.2014 //

Now the British Army is low on cash and cutting regiments that are not well known to the public. Enter Jon Armstrong and his 29-year-old partner Corporal Arjun Limbu, both of the Royal Gurkha Rifles, who plan to repeat our Ellesmere circumnavigation to publicize the history and current plight of their regiment. It’s like holding a bake sale to support a war.

How to Raise a Canoeing Cat

10.21.2014 //

When we saw this photo on Instagram, we knew we had to ask photographer Nicole Gaunt how she convinced her cat to go canoeing given the standard feline aversion to forced baths, swimming and all possible submersion. We should have known that that it would have been easier to just ask the cat — Emma Deans — herself.

Saving China’s Salween River, One Trip at a Time

10.20.2014 //

This story first appeared in the August 2014 issue of Canoe & Kayak. Photos and Story by Will Stauffer-Norris This is the fourth pig carcass that has washed up in Dead Pig Eddy. The bloated creature rocks gently up and down against the beach about 10 feet away from our brewing morning coffee. The pig […]

Week in Review: October 17, 2014

10.17.2014 //

How not to launch your boat, blind kayakers finish Grand Canyon, scary kayak spelunking and more

Wallace Stegner’s Wilderness Letter and the Geography of Hope

10.14.2014 //

BY PAGE STEGNER In 1960, David Pesonen was helping prepare a report to Congress on the crisis of overuse in the nation’s parks and recreation areas. Fearing that the idea of wilderness would be sapped of its power by a report bogged down in bureaucratic details, Pesonen solicited the help of my father, novelist and […]

Wave Sport Mobius Review

10.09.2014 //

Designed by math, made for excellence the Wave Sport Mobius a kayak in which both experts and novices could excel.

Canoe & Kayak Magazine Newsletter – October 8, 2014

10.07.2014 //

Lessons from the Sea | Double World Championship Event Coverage | Photo Extras

Rides: A. Roy Curtis’ Current Designs Gulfstream

10.07.2014 //

I’m a passionate paddler, but I’m not a professional, expert paddler. The Gulfstream fits my life perfectly. It manages to be both fluid and solid. The designer said it dances, and it does.

Timeless: Jeff Snyder at Peace on the Russell Fork

10.02.2014 //

25 years ago the Russell Fork, on the Virginia-Kentucky border, was a rough and tumble river running adventure where the only entertainment other than V+ rapids and nasty undercuts was the Snake Pit by the motel and pondering the river’s amusing ability to sort trash in the eddies. There was the shoe eddy, the oil can eddy, the bleach bottle eddy and eddies that can’t be cataloged in mixed company.

Behind the Lens: Jasper Gibson at the Molly Wave

09.30.2014 //

The Shot: Canon 5D MKIII with a Canon EF24-105mm f/4L IS USM at 93mm 1/1000 sec. at f/10 – ISO 400 Canoe & Kayak: The whitewater community is pretty tight-knit… What’s it like to work with these high profile whitewater athletes? Was there ever a moment when you felt “accepted into the group?” Jasper Gibson: […]

GoPro Releases HERO4

09.29.2014 //

GoPro unveiled their newest line of cameras today, the HERO4, which boasts the highest quality video and audio recording capacity in GoPro’s family of products. The line comes in two models, the HERO4 Black and HER04 Silver. According to GoPro, “the HERO4 Black delivers 2x the performance of its best-selling predecessor and now captures cinema-quality […]

Photo Essay: Packrafting Wyoming’s Absaroka Range

09.22.2014 //

This is a big, wild place. The Teton and Washakie Wildnernesses, combined with adjacent roadless areas including the southwest corner of Yellowstone National Park, comprise a 2.1 million-acre road-free wonderland. Few humans ever penetrate the heart of it.

The Party that Saved the Gauley

09.16.2014 //

Even without the bear wrestling, Gauley fans had begun to arrive in unexpectedly high numbers.

The New Americans: Michal Smolen and Fabien Lefevre

09.16.2014 //

The slalom racing veteran, Lefevre, could help mentor Smolen to the top of the world and Olympic podiums–if the elder racer doesn’t claim gold for himself.

Will the Colorado River Delta’s Green Lagoons Ever Return?

09.12.2014 //

By Kevin Fedarko “A wilderness … is hereby recognized as an area where the earth and its community of life are untrammeled by man, where man himself is a visitor who does not remain.” – The Wilderness Act of 1964 If the Wilderness Act is the body of law that is designed to protect a […]

Helen Wilson’s Guide to Painless Travel

09.11.2014 //

One of the most intimidating parts of planning a destination sea kayaking trip is just getting to the water. How will I navigate airports, taxis, and buses if I’m weighed down by my full suite of paddling gear?

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