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Bug Out Tent

11.07.2014 //

“Ahhhhhh, go away you stupid bug!” Paige shrieks and flails her arms, lurching the canoe to one side. Then come the words I’ve dreaded since the insects began swarming at the put-in: “I want to go home!” Two hours into a five-day trip around B.C.’s Bowron Lakes and my 9-year-old daughter is already losing her mind.

Dutch Ovens

11.07.2014 //

At the risk of sounding like an infomercial, let us celebrate the wonders of the cast aluminum Dutch oven for camp cooking: It boils! It bakes! It fries!


11.07.2014 //

I love that feeling. So why is everyone making it so hard to leave my phone behind? First it was waterproof cases, then in-phone cameras good enough to replace the real thing. Next came waterproof VHF handsets like Cobra’s Marine HH500 that link via Bluetooth to your smartphone, so you can make voice-activated calls even when your phone is stowed.

Jackson Karma Unlimited

11.07.2014 //

The Destination Torngat expedition wasn’t your garden-variety whitewater mission. Here was a crew of paddlers exploring one of our planet’s last great wildernesses using canoe routes pioneered decades ago. Instead of portaging around the many cataracts and waterfalls, however, they were charging straight over them.

Week in Review: November 7, 2014

11.07.2014 //

Rafting Fantasy Falls: Line ‘er up and hold on… Dan McCain and Jeff Compton continue to push the limits of extreme rafting accompanied by a soothing beat How well do canoes and power boats mix? Because it’s only 12 seconds. Shredding on Skook (and how to chug PBR in a windstorm) Big air and plenty […]

Canoe & Kayak Magazine Newsletter – November 6, 2014

11.06.2014 //

Coverage from the Green Race to Lumpy Waters, and paddling expeditions from the Adirondacks to the Amazon

From the Gallery: Winter is Coming

11.06.2014 //

Photo by Charlie Munsey This photo originally ran in the May 2014 issue of Canoe & Kayak. The 33-foot Sprit Falls on Washington’s Little White Salmon River is as iconic as waterfalls get to whitewater kayakers. To many, paddling the Little White and cleanly running Sprit is a mark of having “made it” to the […]

Virtual Coach: The Cross-Current Ferry with Paul Kuthe

11.06.2014 //

In this short video, veteran kayak coach Paul Kuthe explains how to do a cross-current ferry in your kayak, a key skill for boaters of all levels. Whether it’s being used on a Class I float or in Class V rapids, the ferry allows you to move from one side of a channel to the […]

Mike Whitlock’s Mystery Canoe

11.03.2014 //

Intrigued, Whitlock paid the $125 and commenced a year of reclamation. But even after turning the long-neglected junker back into a beautiful, red vessel once again capable water-worthy, Whitlock still wonders about the history of his rescue. Where did it come from? What was its original model? The garage sale find remains a fiberglass mystery.

Inside the Green Race Pre-Party: All the Smack-Talking Highlights

10.31.2014 //

The second installment in our 2014 “Voices of the Green” series. C&K correspondent Scott McCleskey did some on-the-ground reporting at the halloween pre-race party last night. Here’s what he found: Mario Levinson and Mary Jackson: The couple favored to win this year’s longboat event Benn Fraker: “You run that Gorilla enough times in one of […]

Proposed Zambezi River Dam Puts Prime Stretch of Whitewater at Risk

10.30.2014 //

But if the governments of Zimbabwe and Zambia succeed in building the proposed Batoka Gorge Dam, much of the section will be drowned, severely harming the area’s river-based tourism, partly flooding the Victoria Falls UNESCO World Heritage Site, and burying crucial habitat for endangered bird species in the process.

Green Race Raw: Pre-Event Size Up

10.29.2014 //

Scott McCleskey, a C-2 slalom paddler for Team USA and a Green Race veteran, has been making the rounds with his camera, interviewing athletes who’ve started to gather for the 19th annual Class V throwdown in North Carolina. Here are some of the highlights: Pat Keller, three-time champion of the Green Race, is shooting for […]

Week in Review: October 24, 2014

10.24.2014 //

A little ice isn’t going to stop Rush Sturges from going big as usual A 70-foot plunge down Outlet Falls in Washington Merv Larson playboating in 1969 This throwback video exploded on the social feeds of surfers and kayakers alike this week. Don’t miss it. The “Tropical Grand Canyon”: Stunning cinematography of Fiji’s world-class rafting […]

The Gurkha Ellesmere Expedition

10.22.2014 //

Now the British Army is low on cash and cutting regiments that are not well known to the public. Enter Jon Armstrong and his 29-year-old partner Corporal Arjun Limbu, both of the Royal Gurkha Rifles, who plan to repeat our Ellesmere circumnavigation to publicize the history and current plight of their regiment. It’s like holding a bake sale to support a war.

How to Raise a Canoeing Cat

10.21.2014 //

When we saw this photo on Instagram, we knew we had to ask photographer Nicole Gaunt how she convinced her cat to go canoeing given the standard feline aversion to forced baths, swimming and all possible submersion. We should have known that that it would have been easier to just ask the cat — Emma Deans — herself.

Saving China’s Salween River, One Trip at a Time

10.20.2014 //

This story first appeared in the August 2014 issue of Canoe & Kayak. Photos and Story by Will Stauffer-Norris This is the fourth pig carcass that has washed up in Dead Pig Eddy. The bloated creature rocks gently up and down against the beach about 10 feet away from our brewing morning coffee. The pig […]

Week in Review: October 17, 2014

10.17.2014 //

How not to launch your boat, blind kayakers finish Grand Canyon, scary kayak spelunking and more

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