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04.30.2012 //

Rafting hasn’t been able to enjoy much time in the limelight, but filmmakers Ryan Scott and Han Hoomans are looking to change that with the release of ‘Habitat’ this Friday, May 5.

2012 Northwest Creeking Competition Results

04.26.2012 //

Final results from the 2012 Northwest Creeking Competition on the East Fork of the Lewis and Canyon Creek races.

Souls+Water Release

04.26.2012 //

NRS and Forge Motion Pictures’ new five-part short film series, Of Souls+Water, premiering this Saturday, April 28, isn’t your typical paddling flick. It actually tells a story (while still showing folks paddling the gnar too. Don’t worry).

The Trans-Territorial Canoe Expedition

04.25.2012 //

Four Midwesterners plan to paddle and portage 2,600 miles across Canada from the Pacific Ocean to Hudson Bay.

Northwest Creeking Competition 2012

04.24.2012 //

Vitamin D unexpectedly struck the annual Northwest Creeking Competition with a blanket of sunshine that had competitors and spectators dazed with disbelief.

Video: Devil’s Washbowl

04.23.2012 //

The late Charlie Beavers first paddled through this keyhole to oblivion, surviving a piton halfway down the 60-foot falls. Thinking that more is better, Dan Simenc and Tyler Allyn gave it a go last spring at a full-on juicy level.

Get Ready: The 2012 Olympic Flatwater Sprint Trials

04.19.2012 //

The U.S. is only sending two sprint kayakers to London, and they could be named this Friday in Oklahoma City, host of the 2012 U.S. Olympic Team Trials for Flatwater Sprint.

How To…Avoid Getting Run Over By a Boat

04.19.2012 //

As tempting as strapping road flares to your bow may be, there are a few more practical (and subtle) tips to remember when sharing the water with motorboats.

PPA to Vote on AO Merger

04.18.2012 //

The Professional Paddlesports Association (PPA) is conducting an official vote of its members on May 15, 2012, on the potential unification of PPA and America Outdoors (AO).

On the Line with a Legend

04.17.2012 //

How a chance phone call connected an aspiring young paddler to his inspiration.

Tripping Canoes

04.16.2012 //

C&K tests four tripping canoes with a family float test through the heart of Canyonlands National Park

Mad River Expedition 176 – Tripping Canoes

04.16.2012 //

You’ll be hard pressed to find a better expedition canoe, both in aesthetics and performance. With minimal rocker and an asymmetrical hull, it blends cruising with cargo space and is built to track true.

Wenonah Minnesota II – Tripping Canoes

04.16.2012 //

Superlatives are easy to come by for the Minnesota II, by far the fleetest craft in our lot.

Old Town Saranac 160 XT – Tripping Canoes

04.16.2012 //

While not the “trippiest” canoe in the Old Town fleet, The Saranac 160 definitely was the plushiest.

Nova Craft Prospector 17 – Tripping Canoes

04.16.2012 //

Canoeing’s venerable Prospector design has been called the workhorse of the North for good reason.

Kevin Callan’s Wilderness Quest

04.16.2012 //

In shooting “Wilderness Quest,” Kevin Callan set out to document how the lakes, rivers and portages of the Quetico and neighboring Boundary Waters Canoe Area influence its visitors.

Olympic Trials Day Three: Final Decisions

04.14.2012 //

After their demanding, emotional three-day Trial by Water, the newly named U.S. Team deserve a pat on the back. Now it’s on to Cardiff, and then London.

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