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Riot Edge 13

07.11.2013 //

A look at the Riot Edge 13

Touring Kayak Reviews: Day-trippers

07.11.2013 //

C&K staff test a series of boats from 13 to 15 feet in length, with stable and forgiving performance that makes possible a range of adventures, from lily-dipping on a lake to light overnight ocean trips.

Jackson Journey 14

07.11.2013 //

A look at the Jackson Journey 14

Necky Manitou 146R

07.11.2013 //

A look at the Necky Manitou 146R

Sea Kayaking the Big Bend

07.10.2013 //

Head to Florida, a state that pioneered the United States’ water trail concept, for an easy-to-follow, warm-water and -weather water trail.

A Lot of Shuttle Money

07.08.2013 //

The Payette River Games, held June 21-23 in Cascade, Idaho, paid out a whopping $54,000 in cash prizes to top finishers in its paddling events, including freestyle kayaking, boatercross and a SUP sprint race, in one of the most cash-heavy whitewater events in history.

No ‘Training Wheels’ Needed

07.04.2013 //

A look at the C-1er Jordan Poffenberger who is pushing past the limits in both racing and waterfall descents with half a paddle.

Rio Marañon, the ‘Grand Canyon of the Amazon’

07.02.2013 //

Last year, Rocky Contos discovered a new most-distant source of the Amazon River high in the Rio Mantaro basin. So why does he want to talk about the Rio Marañon instead? Here’s his answer.

Week-Ender: June 28-30

07.01.2013 //

Recapping some of the happenings during the last weekend of June.

Crossing Baffin

07.01.2013 //

This summer, American photographer and whitewater boater Erik Boomer will join Canadian brother and sister polar super-guides and Nunavut-based physician on a two-month, 600-mile expedition to try reintegrating the traditional skin-on-frame kayak into Canadian Arctic culture.

Rio Nazas Roadtrip!

06.28.2013 //

The 50th running of Mexico’s oldest canoe race, the Rio Nazas Regata, takes place this Friday through Sunday. This short film recounts an unlikely road trip to last year’s race, the first in living memory to include an American competitor.

All in the Family

06.28.2013 //

While the North Fork Championship II was hailed by many as the “world’s toughest whitewater race,” most everyone on the scene also saw it as the ultimate reunion of paddlers, photographers, filmmakers and friends.

Sea Kayak in British Columbia

06.27.2013 //

A paddling photo essay from British Columbia’s Hornby Island, which offered a fitting finale to C&K’s Vancouver Island-based sea kayak review featured in the June 2013 issue, on a fleet of day-tripping boats built for everyday touring.

The Corrido of Tommy Yonley

06.26.2013 //

A writer recounts a river’s story through the eyes of an American during an almost half-century-old race.

Kayakers Against Cancer

06.25.2013 //

Brad Ludden on the joys of whitewater, helping others and flipping cancer the bird

Flipping Cancer the Bird

06.25.2013 //

In this episode, First Descents Founder Ludden talks about how those with cancer learn to never give up themselves to cancer.

Loss is Love

06.25.2013 //

When Brad Ludden, founder of First Descents, visited Canoe & Kayak’s southwestern corner of America, the staff decided to get ahold of him and see what he’s been up to the last year. In this episode, Ludden talks about learning that loss teaches us love.

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