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Opening Day at the ICF World Freestyle Championships

09.03.2013 //

ICF World Freestyle Kayak Championships kicked off Monday evening with the opening ceremonies

Incredible Journeys

09.03.2013 //

Eddy, the beloved boating guru in Canoe & Kayak’s print magazine, has come to life on the website. This story featured in the August 2007 issue, and Eddy’s got answers on epic kayak trips, UV clothing and canoe packing.

Gotta Have a Float Plan

09.02.2013 //

Make a plan and let someone know before you go. Should the worst happen, the U.S. Coast Guard will have an idea where to find you.

Last Chance for Olympic Paddling?

08.30.2013 //

Former Olympic athlete Thomas Hall explains how including women in canoe sprint could save the foundering sport from getting kicked out of the Olympics.

2013 New Boat Reviews

08.29.2013 //

Last August, C&K staff ventured to Salt Lake City to what paddling companies have come out with at the 2013 Outdoor Retailer. Here is a video diary of interesting new boats from the OR show.

Highlights from the Highlife

08.28.2013 //

Whitewater paddler and filmmaker Fred Norquist talks about the makings of his highlight reel and what inspired him to choose the path he’s on in life.

Made in Canada

08.26.2013 //

A new series features Canada’s great rivers through the eyes of the locals who paddle them. This installment follows Quebec paddler Billy Thibault as he kayaks his backyard run the Neilson River.

Trust Your Gut

08.26.2013 //

After three years of contemplating and a whole life of dreaming, Rafa Ortiz decides not to run Niagra Falls.

Trade Talks: Liquidlogic Stinger XP

08.23.2013 //

In this installment of Trade Talks, C&K caught up with Shane Benedict at the 2013 Summer Outdoor Retailer to talk about the new Liquidlogic kayak, the Stinger XP.

Gear Up For: the Downwinder

08.23.2013 //

Harnessing the power of the swell and wind doesn’t require a whole new kit of gear, but there are a few key things you won’t want to come without when paddling offshore under the tropical Hawaiian sun.

Trade Talks: Delta 12S

08.22.2013 //

In this installment of Trade Talks, C&K recently caught up with Ted Keyes at the 2013 Summer Outdoor Retailer to talk about the new Delta kayak, the 12S.

Back in the Rodeo Saddle

08.22.2013 //

Emily Jackson wins the U.S. National Freestyle Championship only a month after giving birth to her first child.

Look Good to Feel Good

08.22.2013 //

Knowing how to paddle is always good, but knowing what to wear for the water can mean the difference between an uncomfortable experience and a great time.

Freestyle Worlds Preview

08.21.2013 //

A break down of what to expect and who to look out for at the 2013 Worlds

Clutch Kayak Rescue

08.21.2013 //

During their quest for the summer of stouts in Washington State, the Demshitz crew faced some epic moments in and out of their boats on the whitewater. Here’s a video of one of the more intense swims, right above Hamma Hamma.

The Summer of Stouts

08.21.2013 //

We caught up with team member David Fusilli after their latest video “Demshitz tours Washington’s Stouts” released last Friday. The team found themselves in Washington running—and sometimes swimming—the best whitewater the state had to offer.

Return of the Duct Tape Kayak

08.20.2013 //

The same three friends are back, this time with a better duct tape kayak design and a fundraising effort for another cause.

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