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Once Around Algonquin—Part 2

10.29.2013 //

The second in a series of videos of Callan tackling one of Canada’s toughest canoe routes

Henry Brothers Finish First Half of Journey

10.29.2013 //

Brothers Russell and Graham Henry completed South American leg in early October and made the 80-mile crossing from Tobago to Grenada. We caught up with them.

One of Canada’s Toughest Canoe Routes

10.29.2013 //

Kevin Callan takes on one of Canada’s toughest canoe routes—the Aglonquin.

Ask Eddy: Gunwales and Geocaching

10.28.2013 //

Eddy, the beloved boating guru in Canoe & Kayak’s print magazine, has come to life on the website. This installment from the December 2008 issue Eddy answering questions on gunwales, geocaching and cryptosporidium.

The Business of Water

10.25.2013 //

Conference draws Colorado River stakeholders to Denver for water sustainability summit

From the Vault: Endangered Rivers

10.25.2013 //

The Rio Grande topped the list of America’s 10 most endangered rivers 20 years ago. We covered the story of the Rio Grande and nine other endangered rivers in our August 1993 issue, recounting the challenges they all faced.

Talking to the Barrel of a Gun

10.24.2013 //

As the man points his rifle at Rocky Contos’s head, he screams, “¿Porque está aquí?” “¿Qué busca? ” [Why are you here? What are you looking for?]

Canoe & Kayak Magazine Newsletter – October 24, 2013

10.24.2013 //

Moose Race, Sage Donnelly, Grand Re-Opening, Boob Tube Becomes a Series + More

Autumn Paddling in New England

10.24.2013 //

New England is famous for its unrivaled autumn foliage and American history. While people come from all over the world to drive and hike through the forests, the best way to view the scenery and serenity of fall in New England is by boat.

Strange Days: Paddling in Flood and Fire

10.24.2013 //

French soothsayer Nostradamus would have had a heyday this year. After an otherwise ho-hum summer, paddlers across the country were greeted by a rash of freakish, end-of-the-times weather that, in many cases, made survival a higher priority than paddling. But paddlers will be paddlers, and a few got after it anyway.

Commentary: The End of Paper Charts?

10.23.2013 //

Last night, NOAA announced that it will stop printing nautical charts on paper. C&K Editor Jeff Moag’s response: trust your skills, not your batteries.

The Wilderness First Aid Handbook

10.22.2013 //

A wilderness first aid handbook is worthless if you don’t bring it with you on the trip. Enter The Wilderness First Aid Handbook by Grant S. Lipman, MD.

How to Paddle in Congested Waterways

10.18.2013 //

The rules of the road can in many ways be applied to the waterways of ports

Top 5 Things to Watch at the 2013 Moose Race

10.17.2013 //

The 2013 King of New York series will come to a close this weekend when the 18th Annual Moose Festival hosts the final race, a mass start event down the Class V “bottom bottom” section of the Moose River.

Sage Donnelly: Beyond Her Years

10.15.2013 //

We’re used to hearing about young kayaking phenoms with the last name Jackson. Now there’s one named Sage Donnelly.

Boob Tube Becomes a Series

10.14.2013 //

TiTS DEEP kicked off a new web series on Oct. 1 documenting the exploits on and off the water of the world’s top female paddlers.

Bomber Gear Blitz Splash Pants

10.14.2013 //

Temperatures are dropping around the country, but it’s not quite time to pull out the heavy-duty drysuit. That’s when the Bomber Gear Blitz Splash Pants can come in handy.

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