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Finding the Next Classic

07.18.2013 //

Paddler Eric Adsit offers six tips on how to find the next whitewater classic through a big boating discovery of his own in upstate New York.

Behind the Lens: Kirk Mastin

07.18.2013 //

Pacific Northwest photographer Kirk Mastin speaks to his love of film photography and how he went beyond a normal portrait assignment to capture this dynamic kayaking photograph.

The People Have Spoken

07.17.2013 //

The first annual People’s Choice Photo Contest, presented by Body Glove Footwear, has come to a close! Find out who the winners are.

Paddle the Middle Salmon

07.17.2013 //

C&K offers tips and know-how on when, where and how to paddle the Middle Fork of the Salmon in Idaho.

A Humble King

07.17.2013 //

Upstate New York’s Adirondack region has been overlooked, but new events plus a new race series called King of New York may change that soon.

Finders Keepers

07.16.2013 //

Badger Paddles push canoe-trippers out into Ontario’s canoe country wilds with an innovative contest where three well-known paddlers helped stash a series of paddles across multiple provincial parks and the Temagami region for paddlers willing to go out and collect them.

Wilderness Systems Tsunami 135

07.11.2013 //

A look at the Wilderness Systems Tsunami 135

Touring Kayak Reviews: Elie Strait 140XE

07.11.2013 //

A look at the Elie Strait 140XE

Riot Edge 13

07.11.2013 //

A look at the Riot Edge 13

Touring Kayak Reviews: Day-trippers

07.11.2013 //

C&K staff test a series of boats from 13 to 15 feet in length, with stable and forgiving performance that makes possible a range of adventures, from lily-dipping on a lake to light overnight ocean trips.

Jackson Journey 14

07.11.2013 //

A look at the Jackson Journey 14

Necky Manitou 146R

07.11.2013 //

A look at the Necky Manitou 146R

Sea Kayaking the Big Bend

07.10.2013 //

Head to Florida, a state that pioneered the United States’ water trail concept, for an easy-to-follow, warm-water and -weather water trail.

A Lot of Shuttle Money

07.08.2013 //

The Payette River Games, held June 21-23 in Cascade, Idaho, paid out a whopping $54,000 in cash prizes to top finishers in its paddling events, including freestyle kayaking, boatercross and a SUP sprint race, in one of the most cash-heavy whitewater events in history.

No ‘Training Wheels’ Needed

07.04.2013 //

A look at the C-1er who is pushing past the limits in both racing and waterfall descents with half a paddle.

Rio Marañon, the ‘Grand Canyon of the Amazon’

07.02.2013 //

Last year, Rocky Contos discovered a new most-distant source of the Amazon River high in the Rio Mantaro basin. So why does he want to talk about the Rio Marañon instead? Here’s his answer.

Week-Ender: June 28-30

07.01.2013 //

Recapping some of the happenings during the last weekend of June.

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