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The Big Water 5″ Fillet Knife

12.18.2013 //

The Fillet knife has become an essential on any paddle or float where fresh fish play a role in the evening feeding festivities. This 3.2-ounce knife that can turn even the tiniest catch into taco filling

Talon Knife

12.18.2013 //

The Talon presents a novel, “instinctive to use,” solution to an on-water emergency that require victims or rescuers alike to have free hands to grasp.

Gerber Crucial Multi-Tool

12.18.2013 //

The Crucial Black Multi-Tool is the perfect PFD companion, clipping on and packing a 5.5-inch, half-serrated blade plus a few other key, essential components.

Photo Flipbook: Tahiti Nui Va’a

12.18.2013 //

A photo essay on Tahiti’s marquee race, the Tahiti Nui Va’a. The photos take us on a journey through the three-day, 105-mile outrigger curcuit of the island.

Hobie Bayside Polarized Sunglasses

12.17.2013 //

Most of us choose sunglasses because of the way they make us look. I like the Hobie Bayside Polarized Sunglasses because of the way they make me see.


12.16.2013 //

JVC’s second-generation POV camera is a solid performer. Improvements include better slow motion (half “real-time” speed of 1080p at 60 fps, and 720p at 120 fps).

Sony Action Cam AS30V

12.16.2013 //

Sony’s made a strong entry into the POV camera market with its Action Cam series. The newest generation AS30V is 35 percent lighter and offers better still-photo capability.

GoPro Hero 3 + Black Edition

12.16.2013 //

The reigning king of the POV camera market, GoPro Hero 3 + Black edition comes packed with shooting options and capabilities.

Keep Connected with this VHF Radio

12.13.2013 //

Technology makes it harder than ever to disconnect, but easier than ever to show people back home about your paddling exploits. Now you can tell them in real time.

Coming Soon: Online Close-ups of Your Favorite Waterway

12.12.2013 //

The organization Below the Surface has a project called Riverview. The plan: make a Google Streetview type program for America’s rivers.

Why Yellowstone Should Allow Paddling

12.11.2013 //

Canoe & Kayak caught up with Aaron Pruzan, who has been involved in the legal process, to ask him about the bill to paddle in Yellowstone National Park.

The Ultimate Kayak Shoe

12.11.2013 //

C&K contributor Ben Warf gives a first impression of the Astral Rassler, an ultimate kayak shoe. Stay tuned to for an update on the Rassler in the coming months.

Man Vs. Yeti Cooler

12.11.2013 //

So, we might have included this review for the video. The Yeti cooler is durable beyond compare and keeps your food (beer) cold for days on end.

The Perfect Tripod for Paddling Photographers

12.10.2013 //

Tripods are essential to photography. C&K photography editor Aaron Schmidt explains why he thinks the GorillaPod Focus is one of the best tripods.

Behind the Lens: Eric Parker Stikine River

12.10.2013 //

Whitewater photographer Eric Parker unleashed his inner billy goat to get this vertigo-inducing shot of Site Zed at the Grand Canyon of the Stikine.

The Ultimate New Zealand Guidebook

12.09.2013 //

New Zealand Whitewater has just come out with its fifth edition. Christmas is just around the corner and summer dawns on the kiwi country.

Boating and bush-living in Middle Earth

12.09.2013 //

C&K contributor Kate Stepan writes about the life and boating in New Zealand’s wild wild west. It’ll inspire you to kayak New Zealand.

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