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Paddle Assisted: The 2014 Davenport Paddle Surf Classic

11.20.2014 //

Photos and text by Bryon Dorr Another Davenport Paddle Surf Classic is in the books. The event, hosted each fall in Davenport Landing, Calif., has been growing for over 12 years, and 2014 saw the largest competitor turnout yet with 55 paddle surfers. Many competitors surfed in multiple categories, making for a packed schedule consisting […]

Zero Day: Time-Out On Florida’s Molasses Key

11.19.2014 //

I awoke in the dark and lay in my sleeping bag, listening. Wind hissed through the trees and ruffled the rain fly. Small waves slapped the beach.

From the Gallery: Wind River, Yukon

11.18.2014 //

This photo first ran in the December 2014 issue of C&K magazine, now on newsstands and available for download. Photo by Peter Mather Aplenglow lights the clouds above Royal Mountain on the Wind River in Northern Yukon. The Wind is one of six tributaries that combine to form the greater Peel Watershed, which local First […]

Photography From Your Kayak: Capturing The Moment

11.17.2014 //

Text and Photos by Daniel Fox Making photographs from a kayak can be a bit complicated, so before spending thousands of dollars on equipment only to find it flooded with seawater, it’s worth taking a moment to figure out what your goals are. Do you simply want souvenirs from your trip or the ability to […]

Video: Paddle to D.C. – The Floating Petition

11.13.2014 //

Video by Nate Ptacek National Geographic Adventurers of the Year, Dave and Amy Freeman, are in the midst of Paddle to DC, a 100-day, 2,000-mile journey by water from Minnesota to Washington, D.C., in order to protect the Boundary Waters from sulfide ore mining. The couple has been sending C&K a series of dispatches highlighting […]

From the Gallery: Lower Lewis River Falls

11.12.2014 //

If the Serrasolses brothers could be called perfectionists, it’s worked for them; they’re among the best whitewater paddlers in the world.

Virtual Coach: Peeling Out of an Eddy with Paul Kuthe

11.11.2014 //

Peeling out is a river skill that all whitewater boaters practice every day they spend on moving water. From leaving the put-in eddy to navigating down the river, being able to enter and exit eddies gracefully is essential. Even advanced paddlers take pleasure in a smooth peel out into fast-moving current and feeling the rush of acceleration to the river’s speed.

Virtual Coach: Catching an Eddy with Paul Kuthe

11.11.2014 //

Knowing how to catch an eddy while boating is as fundamental a skill as knowing how to check your speed while skiing. It allows you to control your descent through whitewater, regroup with your buddies, pause to pick out your line, or simply take a break.

Hole in the Wall Jacket

11.11.2014 //

Until 2012, sleeping under the stars felt like rolling the dice. A handful of nights each year I’d wake up freezing my ass off, because condensation had soaked into my puffy down sleeping bag and stolen its warm-making mojo.

The Gear We Love

11.11.2014 //

The following installments (with product photos by JP Van Swae) appeared originally in C&K’s December 2014 issue.We’ll be periodically adding our editors’ favorite gear essentials.

Serene & Surreal: How Veterans Are Using Paddling To Heal

11.10.2014 //

“Without having the wilderness so accessible, there would be a lot of vets — I know for a fact — that wouldn’t be here but still are,” says Eric Guzman in Serene & Surreal: Healing Waters of the Congaree Wilderness, a new film from the America’s Wilderness series. Guzman, who served as a machine gunner […]

MEC Slogg Drybag

11.08.2014 //

The Slogg earned best-ever drybag status on the Northwest passage two summers ago, when Canadian adventurer Frank Wolf attempted that mythic journey in a 19-century rowboat.

Kokatat SunCore Long Sleeve

11.08.2014 //

The favorite thing in my paddling kit has to be my Kokatat SunCore Long Sleeve shirt. I wore this paddling shirt on my Missouri-Mississippi descent in 2012 for 117 days and on the Volga for 71 days straight. It works so bloody well that I never take it off when paddling.

Words on Paper

11.08.2014 //

I can feel the judgment when they spot my stack of books. Ultra-light and sanctimonious, they pass me off as a Tilley-hat type, lost to the past. Screw ‘em. I look forward all day to stretching out in the tent, warm and dry, and falling in to a bit of narrative.

Plastic spoon is good enough

11.08.2014 //

I’m glad you love your $10 titanium spork, but I’m all set over here with my cheap plastic spoon. It does exactly what I need it to do, which is move delicious camping food into my mouth like a tiny shovel.

Pelican 1500 Case

11.08.2014 //

My favorite piece of gear is a yellow Pelican 1500 case I carried everywhere during my 45-day through-paddle on the Northern Forest Canoe Trail trip. Sure, I love the peace of mind that comes with coddling my cameras in an ultra waterproof hard case.

Old School Paddling Gear

11.08.2014 //

The spicy aroma of spar varnish on a cedar canvas canoe pervades my days. On the river it wafts from the hull. The tang grows more pungent when I flip the canoe overhead to portage, and even when the canoe is put away for the night the scent lingers in the campsite.

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